This is My Home: Voices from the Chelsea Hotel is an interactive sound walk that celebrates the Chelsea Hotel’s past and present as a unparalleled and historic home for writers, visual artists, musicians, performers, and creative people of all types.

The audience will take an immersive sonic journey through the Chelsea neighborhood, listening to an audio collage of stories and philosophies from current and past residents, with original music composed by resident Gerald Busby. The tour will end in El Quijote Restaurant at the Chelsea Hotel where audience members and residents alike can share stories, histories, and sangria.

If you have any experiences or musings regarding the Chelsea Hotel and you would like to share them with us, please submit!!


May 2, 2012
@ 9:51 pm

: last night i went to see the most fabulous Rose Wood perform at the Box— a sleepless night filled with energy, excitement, and insight.

we met close to midnight at her workshop, an intimate setting where she has had her studio for twelve years. surrounded by wigs, costumes, antique photographs, and relics, we shared in personal stories as she prepared for her performance that evening.

venturing out into the city felt like a shock, yet surreal enough for me to feel deliriously disoriented. in the cab, we discussed the patterns of the body— the transitory states induced by experiments in waking/dream states, fasting, hormones, and the like. Rose, forever the purveyor of wisdom, noted that with awareness we can experience these states rather than be subject to them. abruptly, we were thrown back into the streets and behind the velvet rope of the Box.

the Box is a fascinating venue combining a high class club aesthetic with highly charged virtuosic physical performances. these marvels were interspersed with periods of music where the club breaks out dancing as what appears to be a standard NYC night club. however in this place, there is a special energy generated by the performances that is both sexual and somehow, more meaningful.

afterwards, Rose showed us around backstage and revealed the sources and inspirations behind her performance that night. what is likely shocking for most of the clientele at the Box (the young guys sitting next to us appeared to be having a distinct psychological meltdown), to me felt deep, centered, and committed. i felt changed having experienced everything that i had that evening. Rose had not only reached deep inside herself in that piece, but somewhere inside me as well.

earlier that day, i had debated for a brief moment staying home and sleeping. after many intense weeks of sleep-deprived nights spent working on the Chelsea Hotel Project (as well as the myriad of other projects), i wondered if maybe staying home and sleeping would be the wiser choice. as my new artistic and life practice is one of saying “yes, and…” when an offer is put forth, i said yes to Rose’s invitation. and i received a lot more than i could have ever bargained for. sleep is a small price to pay for experiences that transcend the everyday. today, on very little sleep, i feel more awake than i ever have before. and last night will be one that i will dream about forever.