This is My Home: Voices from the Chelsea Hotel is an interactive sound walk that celebrates the Chelsea Hotel’s past and present as a unparalleled and historic home for writers, visual artists, musicians, performers, and creative people of all types.

The audience will take an immersive sonic journey through the Chelsea neighborhood, listening to an audio collage of stories and philosophies from current and past residents, with original music composed by resident Gerald Busby. The tour will end in El Quijote Restaurant at the Chelsea Hotel where audience members and residents alike can share stories, histories, and sangria.

If you have any experiences or musings regarding the Chelsea Hotel and you would like to share them with us, please submit!!

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Apr 25, 2012
@ 8:52 pm

Landmarks Preservation Commission approves *sneaky* Hotel Chelsea Renovation »

: from resident Brian Bothwell:

"At the last LPC meeting the tenants were promised a second more informed and detailed meeting. The tenants were never notified that the second meeting would be yesterday. The tenants were kept in the dark about all of this. Joseph Chetrit and Gene Kaufman went into this meeting unopposed and managed to ram things through. The tenants and neighbors voices must be heard!"

does this approval sound legit to you???